Awning Take-Down Service, Awning Re-Hang Service, Cleaning & Repair

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Awning Take-Down Service, Awning Re-Hang Service, Cleaning & Repair

When you enhance your property with an attractive sunshade system, you grow accustomed to the beautiful transformation. New England’s harsh winter climate doesn’t consider how much you appreciate your awnings. As snow, ice, and strong winds always do, they deliver harsh, punishing blows. Winter weather extremes damage or destroy whatever stands in their path. At Manchester Awnings, we provide services that minimize the damage these wintry weather encounters leave behind.

​We offer services that help your awnings and support systems retain their durability, color, and style. When you contact us to schedule your appointment, we perform traditional maintenance, seasonal services, and professional repairs.


Awning Take-down Service

Your awning systems are an investment that increases your property’s aesthetic appeal. By implementing a seasonal take-down tradition, you ensure that they retain their attractive look. Taking down your awnings helps minimize winter deterioration and adds years to their useful life. We remove your awnings before extreme winter weather has an opportunity to diminish their beauty or destroy them completely.

We recommend that you let Manchester Awnings handle this seasonal chore.

  • We provide fast professional take-down service.
  • We carefully inspect each awning and evaluate its condition.
  • We notify you when we recommend cleaning, repairs, or other services.
  • Our cost-efficient process saves you valuable time and money.

Awning Re-hang Service

As with our take-down service, we recommend that you leave your re-hang process to us. Our experienced team ensures a professional re-installation and a correct fit. Our attention to detail helps you avoid unintentional awning damage and consequential property damage. Our re-hang service also helps your awnings retain their useful life.

Our team customarily performs re-hangs during March and April. To schedule your appointment, give us a call.



We perform industrial awning repairs that help keep your sunshade systems attractive and sound. When you give us a call, we’ll tell you more about repair services.

  • Partial restitching
  • Complete restitching
  • Strap repair
  • Hole repair


If you’re like most property owners, you don’t notice what dirt, mold, mildew and pollution are doing to your awnings. You can’t usually detect these contaminants because they’re so far above eye level. If left unresolved, they damage your awnings, diminish their looks, and prevent your building from making a strong first impression.
We provide regular cleaning services to keep your awnings as clean as possible. We offer cleaning services for your awnings and other personal and business property.

  • Awnings
  • Boats
  • Land Vehicles and Equipment
  • Canopies or
  • Portable Shelters

To ensure your safety, we use environmentally safe cleaning agents. Contact us to schedule your cleaning services.